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These are pups that are currently in our care, that are in Urgent need of Donations. 

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This is 5 week old little Ruckus. He was dumped in a box at a gas station in Littlerock CA. A good samaritan heard his cries, opened the box and discovered this tiny little Husky Baby inside. She took him home and immediately noticed that he didn't walk right, wobbled to one side, curved his feet inward, was having a hard time picking his head up, and his eyes weren't able to focus and would roll upward. A post went up on Facebook for help and a Board Member happen to be around the same area. We couldn't say no. He was rushed to the Vet the next morning. Our Vet suspects that Ruckus has Hydrocephalus (a disease caused by inbreeding), which consists of Fluid in the brain, causing seizures, pressure in the brain, dementia, mental dullness, respiratory difficulties... and so much more. There is no cure. Severity differs, but few dogs with this condition live to be over two years of age. We have an appointment with a Vet Neurologist Specialist on Friday the 17th. The MRI alone is $1500-$2000. We are hoping the excess fluid in the brain can be drained and with medications, Ruckus can live a comfortable life. Lifelong treatment is usually needed. Even with surgery and medical treatment, dogs don't usually live a normal life. If you can please help us with any amount, it would be greatly appreciated. We would like to be able to offer help to this little one and give him the medical tests and treatments he so deserves. He is not trash, he is no longer unwanted. He is so loved by us, and so many following his story. Updates to come.


Meet Gypsy. She had been living in the streets for over one month, in front of someone's house. We don't know why that particular house or that neighborhood. People passing by, the home owner never paid attention to her or thought to feed her.. didn't care that she was in heat. Probably her first (yes, she is a pup herself). She was finally rescued by our good friend Faith at Dream Fetchers Project Rescue, and as it turns out, at her Vet exam, she was found to be pregnant with at least 5 puppies! You can't tell in the picture. She is very skinny and small. Her hips, spine and ribs stick out, as well as a little pudge of a belly that, at 2 weeks left to deliver, you couldn't even tell she was pregant. We are praying that all the puppies are born healthy and with no complications. Gypsy and her puppies will never again know what it feels like to be unwanted, discarded and abandoned. Never!!!! Donations are needed for Gypsy and her pups; vet exams, food, puppy pads, DHPP vaccines, spay/neuters, dewormings, bordetella, rabies and more. Updates to come...



Mutt Hut Rescue, Inc. is a 501c(3) foster based, Non-Profit, No-Kill Rescue. 100% of all donations go to help care for, rescue, feed, give medical care to, and save the life of a dog. We love helping those in need, whether we have funds or not. We find a way, we make it work, we "wing it"! Our own staff spends countless hours, resources, gas and transport, even paying out of pocket to help when it's needed. But we dan't do it alone... we need your help!

Adoption Donations are also used to help cover the cost of fully vetting each dog that comes into our rescue. While one dog only needs a few hundred dollars of vetting, another can urgently need thousands worth of medical costs.  Our adoption fees don't fluctuate based on medical care received. We cover the full cost of each dog. 

There does come a time when we are low on funds and we cannot take dogs in need, into our Rescue. We never want to have to turn a dog away, because of lack of funds, therefore, Donations and your support are always urgently needed and greatly appreciated.  *Donations are tax deductible.


You can also help us by donating your unused doggie stuff; beds, toys, bowls, collars, leashes, old towels, blankets, dog food, dog sweaters, kennels, play pens, baby gates and treats.  

We also accept orders and deliveries from Petsmart, Petco, Walmart, Target, Amazon and any other store that delivers. If you'd like to donate Costco supplies, we will pick up or direct you to our nearest donation location. Email us at to donate items.

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Mutt Hut Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization. All donations are tax deductible!