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These are pups that are currently in our care, that are in Urgent need of Donations. 

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We have had the fortunate opportunity to recently help out many sweet pups with high medical needs.    We say fortunate because without our rescue and the generosity of people like you, these pups would not have the ability to go on and lead happy, healthy lives.  Here are just a few of our high medical cases...


Nova is an adorable 13 week old Maltese who sadly tested positive for Parvo.  As many of you know Parvo is a horrible virus that if not caught very early can often times be deadly.  It requires round the clock treatment which or course comes at a high price.  


Blossom is our sweet little pitty who we rescued from Mexico.  When we rescued Blossom we immediately realized that she had a breathing problem.  After a visit to a specialist for a consultation which included an X-ray and an ultrasound it was discovered that the opening of her nostril doesn't reach her nasal passage.  We are discussing with the specialist the best course of action for poor blossom, but a surgery is definitely in her future. 


Precious Mia is our 4 year old French Bull Dog that came to us with a slew of medical issues often seen by neglected dogs used just for breeding..  We have addressed some of the "easier" medical concerns, she has been spayed, had dental work, had numerous tumors removed.  Thank goodness the biopsy showed that the tumors were benign.  The biggest obstacle that Mia now faces is her hips.    The years of breeding has taken its tole on this little girl and we are afraid surgery is in her near future as well

Nova: Parvo treatment estimate

Blossom: X-ray

Mia:  Hip X-ray



Mutt Hut Rescue, Inc. is a 501c(3) foster based, Non-Profit, No-Kill Rescue. We can't do it alone... we need your help!

Adoption Donations are used to help cover the cost of fully vetting each dog that comes into our rescue. While one dog only needs a few hundred dollars of vetting, another can urgently need thousands worth of medical costs. We are not in the business of making money, but rather to save the life of a dog in need. Please also keep in mind that most of the dogs in our rescue were RESCUED from a bad situation and have needed extra medical care, medications, testing, surgeries, hospitalization, and more.

There does come a time when we are low on funds and we cannot take in dogs, into our Rescue. We never want to have to turn a dog away, because of lack of funds, therefore, Donations and your support are always urgently needed and greatly appreciated, all year round.  


You can also help us by donating your unused doggie stuff; beds, toys, bowls, collars, leashes, old towels, blankets, dog food, dog sweaters, kennels, play pens, baby gates and treats.  

We also accept orders and deliveries from Petsmart, Petco, Walmart, Target, Amazon and any other store that delivers. If you'd like to donate Costco supplies, we will pick up or direct you to our nearest donation location. Email us at [email protected] to donate items.

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Mutt Hut Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization.