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Although our goal is to find wonderful forever homes for the animals that come into our care, sometimes the decision is made for that animal to join our Forever Foster Program. 

 This may be due to the animal's age, chronic or terminal illness, or other special circumstances. 

 When we commit to taking an animal into this program, it is a promise that we give that animal for its lifetime - to provide a loving home environment, medical care to live a full and happy life, and a peaceful and dignified passing over the Rainbow Bridge when the time for that journey arrives. 

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 Thanks goes out to our amazing Forever Foster families who open their homes and hearts to these special animals and provide them with love and compassionate care for the rest of their days. 

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Our Forever Fosters often have ongoing medical costs and special needs. Please consider helping us provide these deserving creatures with the care that they need - it is truly a gift of a lifetime for that animal.

Gertie is going blind and deaf and requires constant monitoring of her heart as well as several supplies like potty pads, blankets and of course, her special food. 

If you find it in your heart to help us make whatever she has of life, comfortable, please click on the paypal button and note "Gertie" before submitting your donation. 

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Gertrude aka Gertie

I was dumped at a high-kill shelter in 2019 at 15 years old to live in a cage. My family decided I was disposable at such a fragile age. I was scared. All alone, malnourished and shivering on a cold stone floor. Then the best thing happened - me and my three teeth were rescued! 

I was pampered immediately and taken to the vet where we found out I had a bad murmur and what teeth I had, were completely rotten. Due to my heart condition, I cannot get my teeth fixed. The anesthesia can be too much for my fragile, tiny body -- But i'm enjoying my golden years!

My life, now is full of love! My forever foster, who I like to call mom, takes the bestest care of me. I have other dogs to boss around. I get to snooze all day long on cozy beds and warm blankets. Mom lets me cuddle up against her and melt right onto her lap. 

I never thought I would feel loved, happy and safe again. I am happy. I am safe. I am HOME. 


I was once a puppy happily arriving in a new home. A home I thought was going to be my happily ever after. It did't take long for them to realize a puppy is hard work and I was left outside most of time thereafter. I am now in my senior years and the people I thought loved me, took me to be put to sleep at 8yrs old right before the holidays in 2019. I was no longer the cute yard ornament I once was and too much of an eye sore for their holiday gathering. I was in horrible condition. One of the worst neglect cases my rescuers had seen. Upwards of 300 fox tails were embedded into my tiny body that was now taken over by infection. Left nearly blind due to my condition, the rescue started to work on all medical needs and within 6 months of hard work, my vision came back, my wounds were healed and the rest is history. I am happy MHR decided to look after me for the rest of my life. I was diagnosed with diabetes and was placed with my forever foster who is one of the best, most dedicated persons I know! I will be cared for with proper medications, loved and spoiled just as I deserve until the rest of my days! 

Would you consider helping them, help me?

Clem has regularly scheduled vet visits that always include large bills due to urinalysis, blood work and additional tests and medications that are needed to make sure she is comfortable and to keep her diabetes under control. 

She deserves a fighting chance. 

Check out the "Donate" tab above to see my 'before' pictures.

Please consider donating. Every $1 helps!  

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